Experience the best of Arabian Adventures on a Desert Safari in Dubai

Desert Safari in Dubai

A trip to Dubai is incomplete without exploring its majestic deserts. Deserts in the UAE are aesthetically rich and are a hub of splendor, amusing and adventure. To go to them you could pick out from wasteland safaris that encompass morning, afternoon, nighttime and in a single day safari. If you are into journey sports activities,

it is advisable to opt for a desert safari in Dubai during the day. You also can have an overnight live and indulge in lots of activities and reviews. From dune bashing, camel rides, falconry shows, barbeque dinner to a number conventional amusement activities, a barren region safari in Dubai is a complete package deal of leisure and thrill.

What to Expect on a Desert Safari in Dubai?

The listing of sports protected in a wilderness safari in Dubai range according to the time of day and bundle. For instance, morning barren region safaris positioned greater emphasis on journey sports like camel rides and dune bashing. On the other hand, evening or overnight safaris focus more on entertainment followed by the lavish barbecue dinner under the stars. So, depending on your preferences, choose the most convenient desert safari in Dubai. 

Whether it is a desert safari Ras Al Khaimah or Dubai some of the exciting things to look forward to are discussed below: 

Dune Bashing

 Dune bashing is an unforgettable experience that you can enjoy at the manner to the principle place of your desert safari in Dubai. A 4×4 car takes you across the large sand dunes at full speed. As you hit the high sand dunes the sands upward thrust up to the window of the car making it a sight to behold. Dune bashing is the ultimate amusing interest amidst the Dubai deserts.

Adventure Sports

Apart from the stunning views and culturally wealthy experience, desert safari in Dubai is likewise a hub for journey sports. Some of the famous ones include quad cycling, sandboarding, dune buggy riding, fats tyre biking, and so on. You can either e book the sports earlier or immediately. Although there aren’t any such age limits, do recollect your health situations before going for any adventure interest. A popular adventure activity to try on a desert safari Dubai is camel ride. It is a traditional way of exploring or traveling in the Arabian deserts.     

Witness Arabian Culture

Once you are executed with the fun and entertainment, you will be taken to a conventional Arabian camp additionally referred to as the Bedouin Camp. You can loosen up here and experience authentic Arabian amusement, food and lifestyle. There are a range of activities that include henna tattoos, belly dancing, traditional Arabian dress up, fire show, etc. that showcases the ethnic culture of the UAE.   

Dinner at Bedouin Camp

The next thing to look forward to on a desert safari in Dubai is to relish on delicious Arabic food. If you stay at a Bedouin Camp during your overnight desert safari expect to taste some of the best dishes of Dubai cooked in authentic local spices. There is a large spread of delicious Arabian cuisines in the form of a buffet at the Bedouin Camp. Food is among the main attractions to look forward to on a desert safari in Dubai. 

Watch the Sunrise and Sunset

Sunrise and sunset are regular natural phenomena, viewing them from across the desert is a different experience altogether. If you are a sunrise lover go for the morning desert safari that is followed by a number of adventure sports and refreshments. For sunset enthusiasts there is the evening desert safari in Dubai. The night safari is extra in call for than the morning safari because the temperature of the deserts drop down submit sunset.   

Whenever you’re on a journey to Dubai, do now not omit out on journeying the stunning Arabian deserts with the aid of booking the pleasant wasteland safari. For affordable deals advance booking is a great idea. To book the best desert safari packages in Dubai, OneClickDrive can be your trusted partner and guide.


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