Amazon Connect

Take Contact Center Productivity Higher with Amazon Connect and Salesforce Integration

As customer service gains priority in today’s customer-centric world, contact centers have become central to the functioning of businesses. To impress customers, it is important to ensure that contact centers are functioning at their peak productivity. One way to ensure this is to deploy innovative tools and technologies that can simplify the agent’s job and…

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Solvent Traps

How Do ProSolventTrap’s Cup, Modular, and Monocore Solvent Traps Enhance Your Firearm Cleaning Routine?

Introduction The cause of a solvent trap is simple but critical: to capture and recycle the solvent utilized in cleaning a firearm. This not best streamlines the cleaning method, making it extra efficient and less messy however additionally contributes to environmental conservation by way of decreasing solvent waste. However, navigating the diverse range of solvent…

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