What Should You Know About Bite Issues? Consult Orthodontists In Los Angeles

Occlusion or proper bite is important for maintaining your oral health. But, many people experience bite problems that result in different dental issues. However, orthodontists know how to correct the bite issues with the proper treatment strategies. You can contact the best orthodontists in Los Angeles to deal with malocclusion and restore your dental health.

Most people think orthodontic solutions are only intended for straightening your crooked teeth. The truth is that they can correct bite issues. You will have no dental alignment if you have considered the right orthodontic treatment.

Malocclusion or bad bite is a type of misalignment. Bad bite issues can be of different categories.


Having a mild overbite problem is very common. But, if there is an excessive overbite, you need to consult an orthodontist in Los Angeles. Up to 25% overbite is normal. Severe conditions may lead to

  • Jaw ache
  • The teeth will look larger
  • Your teeth will wear away prematurely.

With Invisalign, you can treat overbite problems and have the best dental health.

 If you have underbite issues, the lower tooth will protrude in front of your upper teeth. It may make your lower jaw appear larger. It will also cause other issues, including premature deterioration of your teeth. You may not be able to bite and chew your food comfortably.


 While closing your mouth, you will find your upper teeth, sitting behind the lower one. Crossbites can cause chips and gum disease. Your dentist will recommend clear aligners to correct the bite issue.

Open bite 

Although you have closed your mouth, some teeth do not touch. That is why you may face difficulty while chewing any food. In some cases, thumb-sucking and tongue-sucking result in open bites. It is detrimental as the problem may cause deterioration of your rear teeth.

Other issues that cause bite problems are-

Insufficient gaps in the jaw may lead to overlapping problems. You can also experience crooked teeth, causing bite issues.

Excessive protruding of upper front teeth causes overjet. It will prevent normal bites and affect the beauty of your smile. 

Do bite issues cause jaw aching?

Bite issues affect the appearance of your face and limit your eating ability. Moreover, you will experience trouble while speaking.

Some people claim that bite problems have caused pain in their jaws. The Temporomandibular joint or jaw joint works as a hinge allowing you to bite food and speak comfortably. If you have a misaligned bite, it will cause discomfort and pain to the joint.

TMJ will not just cause jaw muscle pain. You may feel pain in the tendons and ligaments of your neck.

Why should you have orthodontic treatment? Consult orthodontists in Los Angeles

Orthodontic treatment benefits you in several ways. 

1. Better oral health

With teeth alignment, you can avoid the risk of gum disorder and tooth decay. The orthodontists will provide the best treatment to alleviate your bite problems and boost your oral health.

2. Sound sleep

Misaligned teeth prevent you from having a sound sleep. They can affect your normal breathing and cause sleep apnea. Jaw joint problems or grinding issues also prevent you from sleeping peacefully. The pain may become intense over time.

3.Better aesthetics

A qualified orthodontist will improve your bite issues and the aesthetics of your smile. A well-aligned bite and straighter teeth will make you feel more confident.

4. Better speech and chewing ability

Bite issues will affect your speech patterns and chewing ability. Orthodontic experts help with jaw and teeth alignment. You can chew your food more efficiently. What’s more, you will have better speech clarity due to improved oral function.

5. Reduce dental trauma

Misaligned jaws and protruding teeth cause dental trauma to some people. It happens especially to those who have experienced sports injuries. Orthodontic solutions will correct these dental issues, provide strong dental protection and reduce the risk of injury.

Which orthodontic treatments are best for bite issues?

The top orthodontist in Los Angeles will examine your dental condition through X-rays or digital scans. He wants to understand the type of bite issue you have. It allows him to customize your dental treatment plan.

The most common choice for bite correction is the traditional metal brace. The continuous pressure applied by the brace moves your teeth slowly to adjust their position. It is a highly effective method for treating malocclusions.

Clear, custom-made Invisalign aligners are also a good choice for repositioning your teeth. They are highly convenient for your user and have a discreet appearance.

If there are severe bite issues due to skeletal discrepancies, you need dental surgery. Most commonly, it is the best choice for adults because their jaws do not grow any longer.

For regular follow-ups, you need to schedule your appointment with an orthodontist in Los Angeles CA.

If you are looking for the best orthodontists in Los Angeles, you can contact Cal Dental Group. The experienced dentists will check your dental conditions thoroughly and provide the most effective treatment. Bite correction has both functional and aesthetic significance. You will get an affordable solution at this clinic.

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