5 Common Types Of Jewelry Packaging

Jewelry Packaging

Jewelry is an essential adornment for women around the world, and a messy jewelry collection is a tricky problem, so you want jewelry packaging or a box where you can put a collection of your favorite jewelry.  The packaging for your jewelry products needs to be sensible and attractive to ensure that the jewelry reaches its destination efficiently while increasing overall customer satisfaction.

When choosing jewelry packaging, it is necessary to take into account primarily their functionality. Packaging materials and design preferences should be consistent with the jewelry’s features and should provide sufficient protection. Second, packaging must additionally meet customer needs, which include cleanliness when opening and approaching, ease of storage and accessibility, and many others. 

Finally, the packaging design should reflect eco-friendly packaging solutions that protect and prevent the environment from waste and pollution. So what type of jewelry packaging is good for your jewelry products? If you are juggling with this type of question and looking for the most suitable packaging type then read ahead until the end to know everything about jewelry packaging types. 

1. Plastic Jewelry Boxes

Plastic boxes offer excellent dust and moisture resistance and high transparency, allowing clients to see the jewelry at a glance. They are not resistant to heat, they are at risk of aging and they are not eco-friendly.

PE plastic hanging film box is a special form of plastic jewelry case, it uses two layers of transparent film to restore the jewelry in the middle of the box, increases the floating effect, displays the whole view of the jewelry, and improves the visibility impact. This type of jewelry packaging is suitable for three-dimensional jewelry, including earrings, rings, and pendants.

Jewelry Packaging

2. Jewelry Velvet Bags and Pouches

Velvet bags are another famous type of jewelry packaging. They increase the appearance of jewelry and protect it from scratches. However, velvet bags easily attract dirt and require regular cleaning. A small tip is to place a card in the velvet bag, which will better protect the jewelry and prevent deformation or damage. There are different types of jewelry pouches on the market, along with velvet button luggage, microfiber envelopes with a swivel cover, and drawstring luggage.

  • Microfiber Flip Cover: Soft texture, pleasant to the touch, suitable for necklaces, bracelets, etc., which are too loose, can be used for a long time, but the closure is not always secure, and it is easy to open.
  • Drawstring bags: Great potential, flexible tightening, suitable for pairs of earring sets, gifts, etc., but no longer easy to flatten, no longer aesthetically pleasing, the drawstring has creases after primary tightening.
  • Button Velvet Luggage: Easy to open and close, easy shape, suitable for small rings, jewelry, etc., now not intended for long-term repeated use.

3. Custom Jewelry boxes: 

Another established jewelry packaging technique is the use of custom packaging. Specifically, rigid packaging solutions such as drawer boxes, magnetic closure boxes, and folding carton boxes are the most common types of custom jewelry luxury packaging. 

Paper Jewelry Boxes: are incredibly cheap and easy to adapt and transport, but they are not waterproof, they are no longer pressure resistant and the manufacturing process has a big impact on the environment.

  • Custom Drawer boxes: These custom jewelry packaging  boxes are sturdy packaging solutions that contain two parts: the one is outer drawer and the second one is inner try. These boxes provide extra strength and stability to your valuable jewelry items. 
  • Box with Lids: These boxes are known as Heaven and Earth Paper Packaging boxes. Beautiful shapes, while prone to falling, offer enough security for lightweight necklaces and bracelets.
  • Collapsible Paper Packaging boxes: Recently popular, collapsible packaging boxes are popular with many jewelry retailers due to their space saving and easy transportation and economy. By the way, the price can be higher than regular paper jewelry boxes 

4. Solid Wood Jewellery Boxes

Jewelry Packaging

Solid wood jewelry boxes are herbal, a huge advantage of jewelry packaging. They can save you moisture and pests and have excellent durability. These boxes are made up of natural materials which is an eco-friendly packaging solution. Inverting these types of boxes means that packaging will remain for many years. 

However, these boxes are like baskets and they are heavy compared to other types of packaging. Furthermore, these boxes require regular cleaning and maintenance such as waxing to ensure to look in the best condition. 

5. Leather jewelry box

Leather boxes, with their high-end look and pleasant touch, have become a common desire for jewelry packaging. The luster and texture of the base leather can replicate the quality and taste of jewelry.

Leather packaging is especially suitable for personalized jewelry consisting of engraving, custom, homemade, and many others that require more special protection and display.


There are various factors to keep in mind when figuring out which jewelry packaging is good for your products.  Above we have mentioned five common types of jewelry packaging. Now the choice is up to your needs, preferences, and product types. Choose the most appropriate type to pack your valuable jewelry items to keep them in good condition, for gift-giving experience, or to make your jewelry products highlighted on the store shelf. 

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