Six Iconic Rock Songs That Are Easy to Learn on Guitar


GPT Talked to So, you’re a beginner and just started to play the electric guitar with oodles of zest and would like to get your hands on learning some of the greatest rock songs ever done; we have a ready reckoner for you with some easy ones to get you started.

Getting to grips with your electric guitar

An electric guitar is an instrument that you can pick up, whether it’s brand new or second-hand, without having to break the bank, and it promises you hours of fun as you hone your new skills and experiment with creating sounds and learning to read music. As an instrument, electric guitars require careful handling and care, so you should consider taking out musical instrument insurance to protect your new valuable asset should it encounter any damage.

Once you feel you are comfortable with your new instrument, it’s time to think about what you would like to learn to play. Below are six suggestions of iconic rock songs that you could learn to play on your new electric guitar:

Satisfaction – The Rolling Stones

One of the greatest rock songs from one of the greatest bands of all time, The Rolling Stones’ 1965 smash hit has arguably the most recognisable guitar riff of all time. The entire riff can be played on one string which makes it ideal for novice guitar players, placing your plectrum on the 5th string, 2nd fret initially before moving into the descending part of the riff.

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Smoke on the Water – Deep Purple

This song from 1972 is probably one of the first riffs that so many guitarists learn when they first pick up their instrument. The recognisable riff is truly legendary, and it is so easy to learn and does not require you to play using too many chords or rely on finger-picking techniques. Once you have learned the main riff, you can move on to the solos.

Stairway to Heaven – Lez Zeppelin

It has to be the most instantly recognizable guitar riff, probably of all time, and is really popular with guitarists, perfectly adapted for a beginner finding their feet. Of 1971 date, this lovely song has kept iconic status for decades and is still incredibly popular all over this time. The riff isn’t so complicated to get the hang of, and you’ll take pleasure in going with it through the song segments as your skill grows.

Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Released in 1974, this country rock anthem is loved across the world. The iconic riff is relatively simple to pick up and is great for musicians who want to experiment with finger-picking individual strings. Once you are more confident with the predominant riff, there are also lots of opportunities to enjoy the odd guitar solo throughout the song.

Come As You Are – Nirvana

One of the most famous Nirvana songs of all time, which was released on the heels of the iconic Smells Like Teen Spirit, Come As You Are was released in 1991 and delighted fans of the grunge rock genre. The main riff is relatively simple and is actually played in unison with the bass guitar, making it easier to follow and also popular with people learning to play the bass.

Nothing Else Matters – Metallica

This is another of Metallica’s masterpieces, released in 1991, and survived for over three decades as a popular song. That sets off all kinds of emotions in the listener: from nostalgia to homesickness, to feelings of liberation and release, if you will, cemented by all means, as one of the most remembered artistic beacons. The song starts off with soft, simple guitar notes that call one in and plunge one on a musical journey exploring a spectrum of emotions—from themes of rebellion—before coming back to a sense of calm and peace at the conclusion.


Actually, the article on “Six Iconic Rock Songs That Are Easy to Learn on Guitar” is very helpful for literally any beginning electric guitar player with any desire to get into some of the most legendary rock songs. This article focuses on the electric guitar as an instrument allowing an individual to bring the joy and satisfaction of learning how to play it, maintaining carefully, and making sure everything stays in good sound. The idea is that the electric guitar is an available tool for generating joy and satisfaction while learning to play it. The electric guitar firmly demands appropriate maintenance. It brings six iconic rock pieces chosen for their simplicity and appeal to beginners. Each of the songs is selected, not only for the easiness of the learning it presents but for how it might inspire and draw in beginning guitarists. This piece is going to open a door to every person willing to dig deeper into this rich history of rock music, giving fulfillment and a sense of achievement having mastered these iconic tunes.

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