Create Your Own Custom Luggage Set

Luggage Set

If you travel regularly, you can save yourself a headache and some time by investing in a custom luggage set. Creating your own custom luggage set gives you a way to pack more efficiently and personalize your travel experience.

Design Your Look

Custom luggage starts with the look, fabric style and dimensions. When you’re at the airport luggage claim carousel, you can make your gear stand out if you pick the right pattern.  This makes it harder for your luggage to get left behind or lost. You can also travel in style with gorgeous patterns for your luggage sets. Consider choosing bold prints or a unique pattern for you and your family.

Customize Your Gear for Your Travel Style

Each family has their own travel style and preferences, and a customized set of luggage helps you be more prepared for anything on the road or in the air. Families can build a custom set of luggage that meets their needs. You may need several large suitcases, small backpacks for the kids and other essentials, such as a stroller cover and a car seat carrying bag if you have small kids. As your kids grow, you can change your luggage set’s style.

Luggage Set

Set of Two Or Three

Many matching luggage sets include at least two or three suitcases. The standard two-bag set includes a checked bag and carry on luggage. A three-bag set gives you another checked bag if you need more capacity. Additionally, you can add accessory bags, lunchboxes and specialized luggage options.

Matching Rollers For Your Travelling Family

There are several benefits to custom-matching luggage for your family. Your family can choose a fun print or color and easily spot each other as you navigate the airport security and lines at the gate. Choosing roller bags for your luggage also makes it much more convenient to trek around the airport, especially if you have children or elderly members of your family.

Give Each Family Member a Unique Bag

Each member of the family can get their own unique bag with a custom set. Younger children may benefit from getting a small carry on backpack, while older kids could get their own roller bag. Opt for a weekender bag for yourself if you want something small and stylish to carry during those long hours of travel.

Stay Organized

Your set of luggage also could help you stay more organized throughout your trip. It can be daunting to have to pack for a week-long trip for an entire family. When your luggage includes customized gear and travel-friendly options, such as extra compartments, personalized preferences and different sizes, you can pack everything your family needs without the hassle.

Luggage Set

Pack More Effectively

More airlines are downsizing their luggage allowances and making it more difficult to bring checked bags on board without paying extra. Your family can stay ahead of the luggage constraints by packing more effectively. Custom luggage sets help you pack more effectively despite lower luggage allowances.

Creating your own custom luggage set offers you convenience and flexibility. Your family could design their own style and pick bags and suitcases that fit your lifestyle and preferences.

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