5 Reasons You Should Not Choose a Managed Office in Sydney


Disclaimer: This blog contains information tailored for businesses who want to upgrade their game plan with a managed office space in Sydney. Skip only if you are not interested in reaching new milestones for your business!

One of the reasons many businesses fail is settling for the wrong workspace solution. Some entrepreneurs opt for spacious conventional offices, only to feel burdened by high capital outlay and maintenance costs. Meanwhile, some startups settle for small spaces in less marketable areas, thereby diminishing their growth opportunities.


Numerous flexible office solutions can enhance a business’s standing in the market. A typical managed office space in Sydney, for example, offers a flexible and purpose-built workspace solution for businesses seeking greater control over their space. This helps businesses revolutionise their operations and become more adaptable to economic changes.

However, this workspace solution isn’t always ideal for all types of businesses. Here are some reasons businesses might not want to choose this workspace solution;

Avoid a Managed Office if You are Okay with Letting Go of a Customisable Space

You don’t need to rent a managed office space in Sydney if customisation isn’t really a requirement for you. Unlike many other types of flexible office spaces, a managed office allows businesses to tailor their workspace depending on their personal requirements. 

This means you have the freedom to dictate the colour of your walls, the design of your floor tiles, the positioning of office furniture, and the overall layout of the workspace. In short, you can customise the workspace according to your branding requirements.


Why is branding within the workplace important? 

Good branding within the office effectively boosts loyalty among current employees, with a 28% reduction in employee turnover attributed to office branding, as reported by Office Vibe.

Skip Out on a Managed Office if You Aren’t Interested in Financial Flexibility

Do not opt for a managed office space in Sydney if you can deal with the high costs associated with conventional workspaces. Take Work Club, for example, which provides cost-effective workspaces with flexible rental agreements. You can rent their workspace for a year, 10 months, or even just three weeks, allowing you to tailor the rental period to your needs.

The setup costs for a custom-built managed office are typically lower, with short-term deposits ranging from 2-3 months. This contrasts favourably with leasing a traditional office space, where deposits often require 12 months of rent in advance. Additionally, managed offices offer easier accounting with all-inclusive monthly billing for readily made workspaces.

Don’t Opt for a Managed Office if Your Business Has Nothing to Do with Tech

You can avoid a managed office space in Sydney if your business isn’t connected with tech in any way (this might be hard to achieve). Most managed offices are all-inclusive, so you can expect the package to include the integration of advanced technology within the workplace. This integration enhances business operations, making them more efficient and productive, thereby boosting the company’s competitiveness in the market.

Just Co, a workspace provider in Sydney, offers sophisticated office spaces supported by advanced technology. They also have a supportive, on-site IT staff that is just a tap away for any technical needs that come your way. 


Don’t Choose a Managed Office if You Aren’t Looking for More Authority

You don’t need to consider a managed office space in Sydney if you’re not seeking greater control over your workspace. Unlike coworking and shared office spaces, managed offices allow you to set your own house rules that your team members can follow. This ensures proper management of both the workplace and staff, making it easier to maintain peace and order within the workplace.

Moreover, having a managed office space allows you to create a private setting for your workforce. While the environment may not be as rich and dynamic as coworking spaces, you can ensure confidentiality regarding sensitive topics.

Avoid Managed Offices if You Can Afford to Skip Out on the Future of Work

You don’t need to rent a managed office space in Sydney if you are content with a subpar workspace solution. It’s undeniable that choosing a managed office for your business is a smart option, as it can potentially bring you one step closer to dominating the market.

It also revolutionises the workspace experience for your valuable teammates. The well-tailored office design and layout, exemplified by the offerings of The Work Project, Regus, and Christie Spaces, make your team feel much more comfortable in their surroundings, fostering collaboration and brainstorming. This ultimately evolves into a productive and unstoppable workforce that drives your business to the highest peak of success.

Don’t Rent a Managed Office Office If…

There’s no room for wrong decisions in a competitive business world. If you can afford to make a few wrong decisions at the start of the process, you might have room for experimenting with a conventional space. However, since you have to choose flexible spaces eventually, why not opt for them today

Evaluate your business structures and models. Recalibrate your strategies and determine what’s best for your business. Make the right decision today before it begins to affect your revenue. For workspace assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to an expert. 

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