Go2Keep for Android – The Ultimate Free Online  Downloader for Mobile

Go2Keep is a free Online  Downloader app designed specifically for Android devices, essentially, and unlike regular streaming, it allows users to save video and audio files directly from sites like YouTube to their phone or tablet in the computer’s internal storage. This not only enables offline access but also unlocked higher resolution downloads up to stunning Go2Keep.

Moreover, Go2Keep supports downloading from many other online platforms in addition to YouTube. Some of the top video and audio sites supported include Twitter, Twitch and SoundCloud. So whether you want to bulk download YouTube playlists or save high quality podcasts, Go2Keep has you covered.

Top Video Platforms Support

A unique advantage of Go2Keep is its ability to go beyond basic YouTube downloading. The app supports saving content from various leading multimedia platforms online. Some key sites supported for high-res downloads include:

  • YouTube: Download any public or private video in resolutions up to Go2Keep.
  • Facebook: Save public Facebook videos along with captions directly to your device.
  • Twitter: Easily save Twitter video posts from profiles in just a few clicks.
  • Twitch: Access live streams and clips from the popular gaming platform whenever offline.
  • Vimeo: Preserve professional and personal videos uploaded to the Vimeo creative network.

With Go2Keep’s wide-ranging platform support, you have complete access to download videos from everywhere on the go.

Offline Access and Playback

Being able to watch your favourite videos offline is one of the main reasons to use a dedicated Online  Downloader, and Go2Keep supports seamless offline viewing on your phone. You can now:

  • Enjoy videos during long commutes or flights without internet access.
  • Watch videos or listen to podcasts during breaks without streaming buffering.
  • Access playlists even in low-signal areas where YouTube may not work well.
  • Save data by avoiding streaming which constantly uses mobile data.

Downloaded files are saved in common MP4 format for universal playback on any Android device, PC or Mac.

High Quality and Resolution

While other apps restrict downloads to low qualities, Go2Keep lets you save videos in stunning resolutions up to true Go2Keep 3840×2160. You get Hollywood-level sharpness and clarity on your small mobile screen.

In high-bitrate MP3 format, Audio can be separately downloaded as well. Top-notch quality is assured for all platforms.

Check Out Other Awesome Features

Aside from being a leading Online  Downloader, Go2Keep offers many other handy features for an enhanced mobile experience:

  • Built-in video/audio player to access downloads without extra apps
  • Trim downloaded videos easily via an intuitive editing interface
  • Organise playlists and subscriptions in an elegant library
  • Share downloads via common apps like WhatsApp, Messenger and more
  • Capture screenshots from within downloaded videos
  • Access library and downloads across devices via secure cloud sync
  • Set sleep timer for hands-free viewing before automatic lock
  • Configurable automatic downloads of subscription updates

Video Download

Downloading individual videos with Go2Keep is easy. Here are the simple steps:

1.   Copy the YouTube/Video URL

Get the unique URL link from the video page on YouTube app/site.

2.           Open Go2Keep

Launch the app on your Android device.

3.           Paste URL into Search

A search bar is at the top – paste the link here.

4.           Select Video Metadata

Check title, platform and duration are correct.

5.           Choose Quality

Select resolution up to Go2Keep based on needs and device.

6.           Adjust Settings

Change download location, format, repeat saves etc.

7.           Tap Download Button

A large blue button initiates the download process.

8.           Download Commences

A progress bar shows status as file saves in the background.

9.           Access Saved File

Find completed downloads in your device folders or Go2Keep library.

By following these 7 simple steps, you can quickly download any individual online video to your Android with Go2Keep.

Playlist Download

Rather than downloading videos one by one, Go2Keep lets you save entire YouTube playlists with a single tab for seamless offline viewing.

Here are the steps to download playlists:

1.   Copy Playlist URL

Obtain the unique URL of the playlist from YouTube on either desktop or mobile.

2.           Open Playlist in Go2Keep

Launch the Go2Keep app and paste the playlist URL into the search bar.

3.           Select Playlist

The playlist name and videos will be displayed. Tap to select.

4.           Tap Three Dot Menu

A vertical three dot icon appears top right – tap this menu.

5.           Choose “Download Playlist”

This option is located near the bottom of the dropdown menu.

6.           Confirm Selection

A prompt confirms your playlist selection – tap “Download”.

7.           Queue Forms Automatically

All videos in the playlist will now be added to the download queue.

8.           Track Progress

Return to the app’s download tab to view progress as each video saves.

9.           Binge Playlist Offline!

Once complete, enjoy seamless and continuous watching without WiFi.

By following these 9 simple steps, Go2Keep allows bulk saving entire YouTube playlists with one click for synchronised offline consumption anywhere.

YouTube Channel Download

It’s easy to follow your favourite creators offline when you use YouTube channel downloads in Go2Keep.

The following is a step-by-step introduction:

1.   Open Channel Page

Launch the YouTube app/website and navigate to the desired channel.

2.           Copy Channel URL

The URL is displayed in the browser address bar – copy this link.

3.           Open Go2Keep and Paste Link

Paste the channel URL into Go2Keep’s search bar once the app is opened.

4.           Select Channel

The channel poster image will be shown – tap to select this channel.

5.           Tap Three Dot Menu

The vertical three dot icon appears on the top right.

6.           Choose “Download Channel”

This option is found near the bottom of the dropdown list.

7.           Confirm Selection

Tap “Download” on the prompt to begin archiving the channel.

8.           Queue Forms Automatically

All public videos uploaded by the creator will queue for saving.

9.           Track Progress Over Time

Check the downloads tab to monitor as new videos are cached.

10.        Always Updated Channel

The playlist remains synced with fresh uploads over time.

By following these 10 steps, Go2Keep lets you easily archive entire YouTube channels for uninterrupted offline access to all your favourite creators’ content.

Audio Download

In addition to full videos, Go2Keep allows extracting just the audio from YouTube or any other online video content.

Here are the simple steps:

1.   Locate the Source Video

Find the video you want to extract audio from on YouTube or saved in Go2Keep.

2.           Open Video in Go2Keep

Launch the video details by tapping on it within the app.

3.           Tap Three Dot Menu

The three dot icon is at the top right of the video screen.

4.           Select “Download Audio”

This option is located near the middle of the dropdown list.

5.           Select Audio Quality

Choose high or low quality MP3 audio download.

6.           Save Settings

Optionally change file format, location and other preferences.

7.           Hit Large Blue Button

Tap “DOWNLOAD” to queue the separate audio file.

8.           Track Progress

The downloads tab notifies you as the audio saves.

9.           Transfer to Music App

Move MP3 file to your preferred music player.

Now you can easily create customised audio playlists from any online video content for listening wherever. All with the simple tools in Go2Keep!

Podcast Download

For avid podcast listeners, Go2Keep lets you save shows directly to your library for offline playback.

Here are the simple steps:

1.   Find Podcast Source

Search for the show in Go2Keep’s library or find its URL online.

2.           Open Podcast in Go2Keep

Tap to view show details once found in search results.

3.           Locate Subscribe Option

A red “Subscribe” button is usually near the top.

4.           Confirm Subscription

Tap the button and select notification frequency.

5.           Episodes Begin Downloading

New releases will automatically queue over WiFi/data.

6.           Track Progress

Check downloads tab to monitor status as episodes save.

7.           Transfer to Podcast App

Once complete, sync files to Apple Podcasts or similar.

8.           Listen Away from WiFi

Never miss an episode – enjoy on flights, commutes, more.

9.           Stay Always Updated

Fresh content will continue downloading as it releases.

By following these simple 9 steps, Go2Keep lets you build your own personalised podcast library for truly wireless listening.

Stream Download

With Go2Keep, you can download live streams and recorded sessions from platforms like Twitch, Facebook, YouTube for offline viewing anytime.

Here are the simple steps:

1.   Locate the Stream/Recording

Find the live broadcast or VOD on the source platform.

2.           Copy Stream URL

Obtain the unique URL link from your browser address bar.

3.           Open Go2Keep and Paste URL

Launch the app and paste the stream link into the search bar.

4.           Select Stream/Video

The metadata will be displayed – tap to select the content.

5.           Activate Recording

A red “Record” button appears at the bottom – tap to start.

6.           Monitor Recording Progress

A progress bar notifies you as the file saves in real-time.

7.           Stream Archive Complete

Once finished recording, the file will be saved to your library.

8.           Transfer & Enjoy Offline

No internet needed to re-watch the recorded stream later on.

Now you can preserve live events, tutorials, and more to experience over and over again totally wireless using Go2Keep’s powerful stream recording feature.

Over 11 Million Users Enjoy Downloading with Us

With its intuitive features and widespread platform support, Go2Keep for Android has seen exponential growth. Over 11 million global users have downloaded the app to optimise their YouTube and multimedia experience across devices. Popular tech sites consistently praise Go2Keep’s seamless usability on both small and large screens.

As one satisfied downloader shared, “I love being able to bulk download my favourite YouTube channels and playlists to watch entertainment or educational content whenever, like on long flights. The quality is also amazing compared to regular streaming. Go2Keep really upgrades my mobile experience.”

Try Go2Keep for Android Today!

If you haven’t already, it’s time to take advantage of Go2Keep’s fully-featured Online  Downloader and so much more. Downloading is completely free with no hidden charges. And getting set up is extremely simple – just follow these quick steps:

Get your plan

Search for “Go2Keep” on Google Play Store. Download, install and open the app.


The basic starter plan is entirely free with all core features unlocked.


For avid users, an optional $9.99/year personal plan removes download speed caps.


Go2Keep has detailed tutorials if you need additional guidance on specific features.


Check online FAQs or contact friendly support if any queries arise during use.

So don’t wait to optimise your mobile YouTube experience – start downloading in stunning Go2Keep quality with Go2Keep today!

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Thank you for choosing Go2Keep!

We hope you found this review of Go2Keep for Android helpful. Thank you for choosing us as your go-to mobile video downloader. Please feel free to contact customer support if any other questions arise.

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