6 Most Practical Money-Saving Tips


The present era is all about, “Grab it all”! Saving money seems a hard nut to crack. I know it seems hard when you step into the market and see your favorite shoes or are passing by a smoothie corner and want to grab one. 

Pay attention to little things that can save you good money. There are a lot of things around you that you might neglect thinking that these are not worth paying attention to. Trust me, these are! 

Here are some mind-blowing and easily adaptable money-saving tips that can give you a better living. 

Tip 1: Why hand over cash for something you can do yourself?

The technology has made humans a bit more lazy, right? Automatic washing machines have made your lives easier, there is no need to push and brush to make lather bubbles anymore! Ovens are all-time favorite mates, from noodles to pizzas, everything is just around that timer clock. No doubt, these incredible inventions have made our lives better. But there are things for which you pay money, and it’s not needed. 


For example, you are an interior enthusiast, or maybe you simply like a clean settled house. Now to move that round table from one corner to another, you are hiring people! Paying them hefty amounts to move your bed from one room to another. This is something you can do yourself. How? Just call over your friends or family, and plan a day when you all can do it together. The hustling lives have fainted the family and friends gatherings, this can be a cheerful way to get your work done along with your mates. 

Tip: Save energy on family gatherings simply by getting seamless energy supply from reliable energy suppliers in UK


This is just one example, look for other ways where you can manage the work yourself. This will not only save you money but will also give good self-awareness. 

Tip 2: That old stuff you don’t even look at! Sell it.

You don’t even remember when did the last time you wore that watch. Your classic guitar is probably buried in your basement box. That dress you bought for college prom night and never wore again, is just saying hello to walls. All these items are old for you, but for someone, these can be new! 


Sell these away and let your wallet welcome some money! You can sell your old furniture, gadgets, and more. We know some things are close to our hearts, memories are enclosed in a little cart. Save memories and items close to your sentiments. And give a magnifying glance to your old stuff, check what’s worth selling! 

Tip 3: Receipts can give you cash! 

Those tiny receipts you want to crush so bad, wait! These can earn you money. You simply need to scan these in big grocery stores by using smartphone apps. 


You can get a good deal on food, gas, and different buys by utilizing cell phone applications, for example, Upside, which gives you cash back on supermarket buys. You should simply filter the receipts after you shop. It will take only a few minutes and you can easily earn £5 or more per week. 

Tip 4: Keep an eye on coupons, discounts, & promo codes.

Your favorite items are mostly available on a discount and you need to be made aware of that. Why? Because you are probably stuck in a job or home chores. Keep yourself updated by subscribing to your favorite brands, and looking at what they are offering. Social media is another game changer in this fast-paced world now. Daily Mail is an enriched source if you are looking for amazing discounts. Everything is just at your fingertips. 


Coupons are another mileage that you can freely enjoy! Imagine you went shopping and bought your favorite item at a 50% discount. Isn’t it amazing? 

Promo codes are trending! You can shop online with a promo code embedded in, and boom, discounted! These codes are simple to put while you place your order. These codes are utilized by consumers both in stores and online. 

Tip 5: Save money on energy bills.

Electricity and gas are the two main utilities you cannot neglect. Food and light are forever needed. Choose the best energy supplier that gives you affordability and convenience. There are many energy suppliers, each with a different price cap. You can see which one is the most affordable. Look for offers and discounts. Check their reliability and authenticity. You can do that by visiting their profiles and looking at their customer ratings on TrustPilot and Google. 


Tip: Setting up a direct debit to pay your energy bills not only implies that you will not neglect to make a payment but will turn out to be less expensive – around 6% overall.

You can set up an installment plan each month or every three months. Segregating the expense can likewise make it more easy to pay.

Your payments will be secured under the direct debit scheme and any blunders or discounts owed to you by the energy firm can be taken care of more rapidly.

Some other things that you can do to save money on energy bills are: 

  • Dial down the temperature on your clothes washer to 30°C to save money on your power bills and attempt to lessen the number of washer cycles you do. One less each week could save £8 every year as per the Energy Saving Trust.
  • Turning lights off and changing your bulbs are among the easiest and least expensive energy-saving tips. LED bulbs will assist with setting aside cash as they are undeniably more productive than customary ones, are promptly accessible, and have minimal expense.
  • By turning your thermostat somewhere near 1°C, you could save around £80 each year on your heating bills, as per uSwitch.

Tip 6: Learn to Preserve! 


Have you ever seen little packets of dried chilies or frozen strawberries? Those are preserved ease-bits. One can easily grab a packet and use it effortlessly. The prices of vegetables, fruits, and other food items are not constant. They keep changing according to demands and seasons. You can buy tomatoes in bulk, boil them and make pury which can be used for almost two to three months. Grab strawberries; cut them into manageable pieces, and freeze them. These can be used for months too unless you are a strawberry smoothie lover! 

The point is, that the more you know about preserving suitable food items, the more you will be able to save money in your pocket! 


In a nutshell, saving money isn’t that hard, right? All the money-saving tips are the general things happening around you every day. You just have to pay a little more attention to save a little more money. Choose what fits right to your needs. Make decisions that are both, wise and convenient. Do things yourself, sell your old stuff, save the receipts, use coupons, save on energy bills, and preservation can save you a lot of money! Though these tips seem simple and ordinary it’s always a little drop that makes an ocean. 

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