7 Tips For Choosing Blinds

7 Tips For Choosing Blinds

What blinds to choose? Or what to take into account when choosing the right blinds for your home? Well, we are going to give you some ideas to decide which blinds to install.

If they are exterior blinds and we live in a block of flats, we have to take into account the color that has been decided in the community, and then we assess the material to install.

If they are for a single-family home we will take into account the color of the facade, the color of the windows.

We can also take interior blinds such as Venetian blinds or blinds into account in our decoration, play with colors and think about which room the blind is for.

It is also quite common that those of us who are most interested in knowing the price of the blinds and their material.

What to take into account before choosing blinds

1. The budget

As we have commented on other occasions, the price of the blinds will depend on the measurements, the material, the color, the model. And so that you have more approximate information, you can write to us indicating the type of material and measurements here.

2. The decoration

Sometimes we think about installing the best blinds for your home, office, office…, we have to think about the budget and the number of blinds we need to install. But we think about paying according to quality. It depends on where we have to install them, we can take into account the interior or exterior decoration, it also depends if it is in a community of neighbors we have to take into account the blinds of the entire community to respect color and model.

3. Room type

In the case of a house, different rooms need different types of window blinds. For example, a study room or drawing room requires a blind that allows in a good amount of sunlight; while bathrooms will need blinds that help maintain privacy. In areas such as basements and attics we can install security blinds.

4. Quality of materials

We have several possible materials for blinds:

Exterior or interior blinds

Wooden blinds (they are no longer usually installed).

PVC blinds.

Thermal aluminum blinds.

5. Blind type

Outdoor blinds can be installed made of wood (they are no longer used, they weigh a lot and require a lot of care. PVC (plastic) blinds and thermal aluminum blinds are the blinds that are most often installed. You may be interested in reading the Differences between aluminum blinds and PVC blinds.

Indoor blinds we have Alicante blinds made of wood, PVC or aluminum.

6. Aesthetics

We also have to take into account the style and aesthetics of your home, your tastes, preferences and that everything is in harmony with the rest of the home.

7. Functionality

We have to take into account the function we want to decide on the blinds (insulating, security, thermal, etc.)

With interior blinds we can think carefully about what room it is for and what we really need, there are several colors and models that can combine with our decoration.

Outdoor blinds are available in a wide range of colors and models.

What type of blinds are best

The materials of the blinds are important, we always look for a good blind, we have to take into account the previous points.

Thermal aluminum blinds are the blinds that are most often installed because they are lightweight and because they are great insulators against cold and heat.

We look for the blind that is easiest for us to handle, is airtight and has an appropriate price.

As we already know, there is a wide variety of colors and models.

When it comes to interior blinds, we have Venetian blinds and blinds, both of which are good options for our interiors.

How to choose the color of the blinds

If they are exterior blinds and they are for single-family homes, we can play with the color we have for the facade, the color we have for the aluminum carpentry.

If they are blinds for floors we have to respect the color of the community.

The same thing happens in offices, offices.

We can put the interior blinds in the color that we like, that matches the furniture, with chairs, sofas… Since in this case only we decide the color for our interior blinds.

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Which blinds are the most economical

As we have commented on several occasions, PVC blinds are the most economical blinds on the market.

As we see, there are many things to take into account for the installation of blinds, colors, models, it depends on the use you want to give them, that is why at We Fix Blinds, we advise and make a budget to help in the decision to install blinds, since whether outdoors or indoors.

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