Mehar Mozan


Unpredictable Interview Questions from Experts at Yahoo, Meta, Amazon

“What are your greatest strengths?” “Where do you envision yourself in five years?” “What areas do you consider as weaknesses?” These are the common questions we often pose during interviews. While candidates are familiar with them, the challenge is understanding them and preparing perfect responses. It’s time for a change. A recruiter and HR professional’s…

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Regulating KYC Compliance | A Proactive Approach for Business Development

KYC compliance has streamlined the processes of the systems working online in this digital landscape. By complying with the regulatory measures of KYC, the integrity and reliability of the working framework are enhanced. The advanced procedures of KYC employ machine learning algorithms to identify unusual activities in real time, thus providing efficient and accurate results….

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10 Tips for Mastering the Art of Effective Communication

Did you know that 80% of a job performance evaluation is based on communication skills [1]? Communication – it’s the cornerstone of solid relationships, successful businesses, and clear understanding. Whether you’re giving a presentation, negotiating a deal, giving your digital business card to a prospect or simply chatting with a friend, mastering these 10 communication…

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