Take Contact Center Productivity Higher with Amazon Connect and Salesforce Integration

Amazon Connect

As customer service gains priority in today’s customer-centric world, contact centers have become central to the functioning of businesses. To impress customers, it is important to ensure that contact centers are functioning at their peak productivity. One way to ensure this is to deploy innovative tools and technologies that can simplify the agent’s job and pave ways to ensure customer satisfaction.

Agents in contact centers mostly work around either of the two technologies – a telephony system or a CRM. Lacking any connection between these, contact center agents must routinely switch between them to cater to their customers and other operational dependencies. A CTI Connector integrating the telephony system and CRM can simplify the agent’s job and prevent the hassle of switching between screens.

In this blog, we will discuss one such integration between the Amazon Connect Telphony and Salesforce CRM via NovelVox CTI Connectors. Here is how the two combined can reap productivity benefits for your contact center.

1.     Unified Access to Customer Data For 360-degree View

The Amazon Connect telephony is embedded right within the Salesforce screen creating a unified interface for call handling and information access. The integrated interface allows agents to access customer data without switching between multiple tabs. This information helps agents holistically understand their customers, giving agents a view of the customer’s history, preferences, and interaction journeys.

2.   Dynamic Screen Pops for Faster Call Resolutions

Salesforce Integration with Amazon Connect allows agents to know their customers as soon as a call lands. Agents can know who is calling with what issue even before the customer utters a hello. Such context-rich screen pops allow agents to continue with the conversation from where it was last left off rather than forcing them to repeat the same set of information over and over. Such dynamic screen pops bring down the call handle time and give customers a message that the organization values them.

3.   Better Call Routing to Save Customer’s Time 

The Amazon Connect integration with Salesforcegives intelligent call routing a tangible shape. The intelligent call routing feature NovelVox CTI Connector enables calls to be directed based on agent availability and status. This ensures that agents are not tossed around from one agent to the next or have to wait for long before being connected to an agent.

4.   Embedded Call Controls to Simplify Agent’s Tasks

The Salesforce Amazon Connect integrationallows agents to reduce their manual and error-prone work required in dialing numbers, doing post-call wrap-up work, and more. With the integration, all call controls are embedded in the Salesforce interface, simplifying the agents’ tasks and giving them the bandwidth to focus more on strategic tasks that can help them close deals.

Amazon Connect CTI Salesforce Call Controls  

Click to dial
Integrated call disposition/wrap-ups
Automated call logging
Agent state control
Special notes
One-click screen transfer
Search contacts inside CTI

5.    Real-time Call Analytics to Improve Agent Performance

Integrating Amazon Connect telephony and Salesforce CRM helps improve contact center performance by offering insights into agent performance, call volumes, and customer interactions. The integrated platform enables real-time updation of data and seamless tracking of customer interaction history, making it easier to understand the customer in terms of their likes/dislikes or preferences. This data-driven approach enables continuous improvement and informed decision-making.

6.   Omnichannel Communication to Meet Customers Where They Are

In today’s multi-channel world, customers expect seamless interactions across various platforms. The Amazon Connect Salesforce CTI integrationbrings multiple communication channels such as voice, chat, email, social media, etc into a unified interface that allows agents to manage multiple customer interactions simultaneously regardless of the channel. So customers get the freedom to switch between channels without losing the context of the interaction.


In conclusion, the integration of Amazon Connect and Salesforce can be a transformative step toward maximizing contact center productivity. This dynamic duo of contact center telephony and CRM systems can empower organizations to deliver exceptional customer service, driving customer satisfaction and ultimately business success.

Take the first step towards improving your contact center productivity with NovelVox CTI Connectors.

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